Welcome to Think N Kreate, where dreams come true!

Think N Kreate is a engineering and technology company that promotes innovative technology development. Our goal is to utilize technology to turn idea into reality.

We offer three different types of services: 1. New Product Development, 2. IT Transformation and 3. Entrepreneurship Education.

New Product Development We develop our own new products as well as helping other inventors to turn their ideas into reality. We have experienced developing product ideas from as simple as verbal descriptions to final mass production. We are your engineers to take your product to the next level. Our product development cycle consists of five phases 1. Concept Development 2. Product Definition 3. Product Development 4. Production 5. Launch

IT Computerization & Transformation We provide IT solutions to support enterprises to transform from paper and pen manual process to the digital word.

Entrepreneurship Education (Think N Kreate Kids) We aim to provide opportunities to introduce the concept of entrepreneurship to our young minds and train them to become our future entrepreneurs.

Example of Work

From concept to production

Prototype Development

3D Printing

System development and integration

Custom-built business process systems

Participate in Maker Event

STEM Training