As a child, I used to dream a lot, much to my mother's irritation. She found it impractical and unrealistic, but dreaming was what I enjoyed the most. That's why I pursued a career as a Mechanical Engineer - to bring my wild ideas to life.

After years of education and experience as a Research and Development Engineer, I acquired the necessary skills to help bring my idea to life, and I'd like to help others to do that as well. Whether it is developing a new patent-able product idea or simple as creating a online store front, we are here to help. 

Let's make all our dreams come true. 

-Ting Lau, P.E.



Ting Lau, P.E. has devoted her career in the field of Research and Development. She has experience in developing machinery and products for agriculture micro-irrigation business, the golf industry and high volume medical disposables products.  She received her MSME from San Diego State University and BSME University of California, Davis. She also holds a valid Professional Engineer license.